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The Blue Rose 3: The Awakening

by S.P.Dudley

The third and final installment, taking place immediately after Sacrifices of the Heart. NERV comes under new management as the Evangelions and their pilots are pitted in a global war against a resurgent SEELE, who will stop at nothing to achieve their terrible goals. New pilots, new EVAs and new friends all come into the action as Rei and the others meet the challenges of a new world. 

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The Blue Rose 2: Sacrifices of the Heart

by S.P. Dudley

The sequel to Blue Rose and set during End of Evangelion.  EVA-04 and it's pilot join forces with Mary Illustrious Makinami and Unit 05 to  protect NERV and the world from SEELE's impending holocaust.  Their intervention sets forth a chain of events that transforms the lives of all of the EVA pilots and their protectors.

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The Blue Rose 1: Boyfriend of Steel

by S.P. Dudley


The Blue Rose: Boyfriend of Steel is a “side story” from Neon Genesis Evangelion,inserted around Episode 16 of the original series.  In this fan fiction, the Americans reveal a secret pilot program as EVA-03 and 04, with their original American pilots, go  to Tokyo-3 for a training exercise against NERV. Once in Japan, the American pilot of EVA-04 falls head over heels for a bewildered Rei. 

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